Why Vaping?

21st Century choice

As of 2015, there are 2.6 million current or ex-smokers in the UK who now use e-cigarettes – almost four times as many as in 2010.


Cigarettes burn tobacco to release smoke containing nicotine and other chemicals. On the other hand, e-cigarettes heat liquid nicotine directly to make an inhalable vapour.

Although this method has become popular, not everyone’s clear if vaping should be recommended. Some healthcare experts think it has the potential to eradicate smoking-related diseases, while others worry widespread vaping could create unknown problems in the future. Take a look at the evidence to help you decide.

  1. Around £3,000 a year for a smoker who averages 20 a day.
  2. 10 years shorter lifespan, on average.
  3. 3 times more likely to experience a stroke.
  4. Smoking causes 80% of lung cancer deaths.
  5. More than 7,000 chemicals in combustible nicotine, many of them which are toxic.

600,000 global deaths per year from passive smoking (i.e Second hand smoke)

Data sources: Stroke Association (stroke risk); Action on Smoking and Health (lung cancer deaths, lifespan and passive smoking); CDC Surgeon General’s Report 2014 (chemicals in smoke); Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (cost).


How does Vaping compare?

  1. Less potential for harm. E-cigarette vapour contains much lower levels of toxic chemicals. In 2015, Public Health England estimated vaping to be around 95% safer than smoking.
  2. Lowers risk to others. To date, studies suggest that passive bystanders inhale much less nicotine from e-cigarette vapour than from second-hand smoke and only a fraction of the toxins.
  3. Ongoing costs. An e-cigarette starter kit costs, on average, around £20. Refill cartridges or e-liquid then costs around £3-5 which is considerably cheaper that purchasing a pack of cigarettes which, in 2018, cost on average around £10.
  4. Cleaner. There’s no smoke or ash associated with e-cigarettes and the vapours odour is much less pungent. Fingers and teeth experience no discolouration and skin is not aged.